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TOO ROUGH Earrings *One-Off*

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I love rough stones that have still the marks of nature visible on their surface, and pairs that don't exactly match, with each earring maintaining its own personality. This pair is exactly that. The two rough agate stones in the bottom are slightly different in shape and colour, and so are the yellow jade beads, but the overall impression is of uniformity. A classic design, that would make a great gift.

MATERIALS: Agate, jade, silver

WEIGHT: 10.3gr.  LENGTH: 5.2cm. WIDTH: 1.2cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with bleach. Clean in ultrasonic cleaner, or gently with mild soap in cold water. Do not scrub. Store in cool, dark place, in ziplock bag.

NOTE: The mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life.