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"THORNS BLACK" Rubber Necklace

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Contemporary, stylish, edgy, and asymmetrical, this neckpiece is very organic, untamed, has a life of its own, and does not sit flat on the chest. . A neckpiece to wear throughout the year and the globe, looks fabulous with lagenlook and edgy outfits and against all block colours. You can wear it long or doubled up and it's just as cool. 

Made with soft rubber, it's very tactile and lightweight, and the clasp is oxidised silver.

WEIGHT: 34.3 gr.   CIRCUMFERENCE: 98cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with heat and bleach. Clean with mild soap in warm water or in ultrasonic cleaner, and allow to dry naturally. Store in cool, dark place, preferably wrapped in cloth, paper or in zip lock bag.

NOTE: the mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life