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TAYLOR Necklace Earrings Set *One-Off*

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A classic four row necklace, reminiscent of Hollywood movies and times bygone. It's an impressive statement piece, one that is sure to attract attention and start conversations. 

MATERIALS from bottom to top row: Landscape jasper, dyed bone, obsidian, fire agate, japanese glass, oxidised silver 

NECKLACE:  Weight 173gr.  Circumference: top row 51cm  bottom row 63cm

EARRINGS:  Weight 4.9gr. . Length 3.7cm.  Width 1cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Treat with love and avoid contact with bleach. Clean in cold water with mild soap or in ultrasonic cleaner, and allow to dry naturally. Store in dark, cool place, in ziplock bag. The bone has been dyed, therefore some wear in the colour is possible.