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PHONE ME Necklace *One-Off*

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Some of you may still remember using this object, but to the younger generation it remains a mystery. This cute little handmade wooden phone, has a turning dial and a stiff a wire cord. It's a tribute to times bygone, and a great gift for anyone nostalgic of the times when phones were stationary objects used only for talking. It's very lightweight, and there is no clasp. The chain is attached to the phone with industrial strength wood, but pulling is not advisable.

MATERIALS: wood, coated wire, agate


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: the chain is made from agate beads and is not sensitive, but for the wooden phone avoid contact with heat, bleach and do not soak. If wet, allow to dry naturally. Store in cool, dark place in ziplock bag.

NOTE: The mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life.