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LIMELIGHT Necklace Earrings Set *One-Off*

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This set was made with a variety of handmade glass beads and semi precious stones that took years to collect. The necklace is long and could be worn doubled/tripled up, or looped and threaded through (see photo). The earrings are lighweight and have long curved posts.

MATERIALS: Handmade glass, crystal, semi precious stones, bone, japanese glass, silver.

NECKLACE:  Weight: 82.4  Circumference 130cm

EARRINGS:  Weight 7gr.  LENGTH: 3.5cm. WIDTH: 0.8cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with bleach. Clean in ultrasonic cleaner, or gently with mild soap in cold water. Store in cool, dark place, in ziplock bag.

NOTE: The mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life.