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"GRACE" Coral Necklace *One-Off*

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This is a vintage necklace that has been refurbished and re-strung. The exact age and origin is not known. It is unknown whether the coral was dyed or not, but either way the colour is that of natural red coral and is not exactly uniform as is in dyed coral normally. The beads were dipped in resin, so the necklace is very soft and warm, the surface is glossy, and the longevity of the colour is guaranteed. The spacer beads are sterling silver as is the clasp.

WEIGHT: 92gr  CIRCUMFERENCE: 49.5cm.  BEAD WIDTH (maximum) 1.5cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with heat and bleach. Clean with mild soap or in ultrasonic cleaner, and allow to dry naturally. Store in cool, dark place, preferably in zip lock bag.

NOTE: The mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life.