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"CLAY JUGS" African Tribal Necklace *One-Off*

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We absolutely love tribal designs, and this necklace is just so irresistibly cute! 

It originates in Africa, but the actual country is not known. All the beads are hand made from baked clay, and are quite sturdy. The clasp is the original one and is made of brass. 

The necklace has been restored, and the original string was replaced with thick coated steel wire.

It's lightweight, tactile and warm, and would look great on a bare bust, or over clothing. It's long enough to sit over a turtleneck, or a boat neck top.

A great present for those that love the evidence of the hand and tribal jewellery!


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Just don't drop it! Avoid contact with bleach, clean with mild soap or in ultrasonic cleaner, and store in cool dark place, preferably in zip lock bag.

NOTE: the mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life