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"AMOEBA" Felt Earrings *One-Off* (SOLD)

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Organic, different, modern with a tribal twist and very lightweight, this is a statement pair that is guaranteed to attract attention. They are fabulous for spicing up plain outfits, and would make a great present. The felt has been embroidered with glass and bone, and the little tentacles have a life of their own.

They were made with recycled felt, bone, japanese glass, coated wire and silver.

WEIGHT: 7.4gr.   LENGTH: 4.6cm.  WIDTH: 4cm.  DEPTH: 1.8cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with heat, bleach and do not soak. They could handle rain, and if they get wet allow to dry naturally. Do not crush, and store in a dark, cool place, preferably in zip lock bag. Cleaning is not advisable.

NOTE: The mannequins used are slightly smaller than real life.