The Story

I know you've probably heard it all before, but in this case it's just the truth.

Mollusc Design’s story is essentially a love story.

One day life, in its cunning and infinite wisdom, decided out of the blue that Voola Taka from Greece and Scott Symington from Australia would make a great team. Gods and devils scrambled to bring the two together, and, with half the earth separating them, I can tell you it wasn't a mean feat. One day, or more precisely one night, they finally bumped into each other, had a couple of drinks,  and with great surprise discovered that, despite their completely different backgrounds, they had an unbelievable lot in common. So, unsurprisingly, some time later they decided to join forces, habits, dreams, and lives.

Life was right, as it always tends to be. Their virtues, but most importantly their flaws, complimented each other, and their team, armed with love, patience and laughter, has managed to survive the unforgiving test of time up to this very moment.

Voola has been infatuated with jewellery since she was a toddler. As soon as she could command her hands she started breaking things to see how they work, and when her fine motor skills improved she started making things to adorn people with. She used everything that came her way, from daisies in the fields to random objects found in the ditches and bins of her hometown, that for some unfathomable reason others failed to recognise the beauty of. Much as her mother tried to dissuade her from bringing embarrassing stuff home, gleaning was destined to remain her longer lasting habit. She did graduate university as a pre-school teacher and gave it an honest go for a while, but life conspired again and craft found the way to become her profession in the end.

Scott was born with his very own way of looking at things, and a painfully keen eye for form, colour, detail, and glass bottles. He was one of those kids that always come up with novel ideas, sometimes funny, sometimes weird, always clever, and who spend their time scrawling, sketching and building stuff all the time. It was a natural progression to study at the National Art School of Australia, which he graduated with high distinctions in fine arts. He specialised in abstract painting and murals, and you could have seen some of his work around Sydney. Though jewellery was never his thing, he was dragged kicking and screaming into it, and discovered with delight he tried hard to conceal, a great talent that he never suspected.

And so Scott and Voola begun experimenting together with all kinds of materials and techniques, did some short courses here and some longer courses there,....and what started off as one desk and some beads in a spare room, ended up taking over their whole house, and they haven't had a dining table to eat on ever since.

In 2010 they decided that their brainchild deserved a name and called it “Mollusc Design”.

It was Voola's idea who didn't quite grasp the meaning of the word, but by the time she found out years later, it had stuck already and she had come to love it.

As most babies go, Mollusc Design was shy at first, and took some time to find its own language. They watched it take its first steps with parental pride, and nurtured it with patience and love, because, like all conceited parents, they saw their child as a precious gift to the world. Luckily, all this effort paid off. Mollusc Design has grown into a beautiful creature, that by now has walked all over the earth, scattering little pieces of art in every direction.

By nature, Mollusc Design is bold, tameless, experimental, unruly, playful, and determined to lead its own way.

It loves transforming bought and found objects into pieces of art, combining materials and colours that legend has it they should never meet, using techniques that would not be advisable, and finding inspiration in the most unlikely places.

At Mollusc Design we passionately love the Earth, and do everything in our powers to be sustainable. The materials we use are both natural and man-made, ethically and locally sourced, and very often recycled.

Each one of our pieces is individually hand crafted by us in downtown Sydney, and we do not mass produce. This way we can enjoy making unique art and you can enjoy wearing it.

Needless to say that our creations are more often than not one-offs and could not be replicated. However, we love a challenge, so feel free to let us know what you have in mind.

We love to be inspired, we need to be creative, and we yearn to be surprised. But the real driving force behind our work is,... let's be honest,... to have fun.

Most things we could live without, but among the things essential to our survival sharing occupies a prominent position.

Sharing love, art, stories, ideas, spaces, objects, food, experiences, in other words, all those things that can turn a mundane existence, into a memorable, worthy life.

For a long time we kept to ourselves and those who came searching for us. Now the time has come to share our story and creations with the big wide world outside our cosy little bubble.

Mollusc Design is not only our art, it is our life’s journey.

Welcome, enjoy, share, and keep it real, beautiful, compassionate, kind, and as funny as you possibly can, because,..... life is too short anyway.